Laundry experts, making financing fast & easy

Alliance Laundry Systems Financial Services: Solutions specifically designed for the commercial laundry industry.

Why Alliance Laundry Financial Services?

Backed by Alliance Laundry Systems,the No. 1 in commercial laundry, Alliance Laundry Systems Financial Services (ALF) provides specific solutions for the commercial laundry industry.

Whether you are getting started with a new laundromat, an on-premises laundry or replacing/upgrading existing equipment, our knowledgeable finance professionals are here to support you and prepare you for success.

  • You will be working with industry experts: you will never have to explain commercial laundry business to the bank or a leasing company again 
  • You will receive a quick response to your application
  • Our dedicated financial team of laundry experts will create a customized solution to match your budget needs
  • ALF does not work with banks or financial institutions: we are completely independent to provide the best solution for you
  • As Alliance Laundry Systems, we are positioned to provide an integrated solution, between manufacturer, distributor and yourself

What are the benefits for you?

  • No deposit required by ALF
  • No large capital outflow to purchase the equipment and ancillaries - enables you to save your cash for other uses
  • Fixed monthly payment for the entire lease or lease financing period - makes budgeting simple
  • No VAT pre-financing required (under the reverse charge provisions) on the monthly lease payment*
  • The VAT to purchase the equipment is not paid upfront*
  • Tax benefits - tax allowances/deductions*
  • Bargain purchase option to acquire the equipment at the end of the financing lease period*
  • Preserving your existing credit lines with your bank

What you should know

  • There is no limit on the minimum or maximum transaction amount
  • Contract period for 24 - 84 months*
  • Fixed monthly lease amount paid via SEPA direct debit
  • Businesses less than 1 year in operation can also apply

How does it work?

  • Your Smart Partner will prepare a proposal for you using our online tool
  • Your Smart Partner will run an initial screening to let you know whether you are eligible for lease
  • If so, your Smart Partner will then submit the application to ALF
  • ALF will review the application and will decide on the final credit approval
  • If approved, your order will be financed