BEPATEK promotes IPSO®-barrier washers for its superior hygienic results & prevention of recontamination

Mon, 07-08-2017
IPSO was represented by BEPATEK Ltd. at the XXIX Hospital Congress in April in Siófok, Hungary. Approximately a thousand visitors from the medical segment attended the three-day show. The company had an exhibition stand, where visitors could ask about barrier washer-extractors. In addition, Csaba Rákos, the manager of BEPATEK, presented the most important features of the IB series to the audience on the second day. He discussed benefits such as the option of the washers being installed in a partition wall to separate the loading and unloading sides of the laundry.
“The main reason customers buy barriers is because of the superior hygienic results they can achieve and the prevention of recontamination. Separating clean and soiled linens with a wall is one of the most effective strategies in preventing the spread of infection in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and food processing facilities,” Rákos said. Achieving hygienic results is difficult with “standard” washers, because the soiled and clean linen pass in the same areas. Consequently, there is already a fair chance for recontamination of the clean linen. Customers often are willing to pay the higher price for a barrier vs. a standard washer, as they need to achieve these hygienic results and prevent contamination. “Future legislation may soon mandate that all medical facilities adopt a barrier approach to ensure that no cross contamination occurs, as well as help eliminate the spread of infection,” Rákos said, adding that many countries have already adopted guidelines that recommend barriers be used in healthcare applications. Rákos highlighted the barrier washer-extractors proven disinfectant effect with help the machines’ microprocessors. The units also the reduce water, energy and detergent costs, saving time and helping reduce labour costs. Most hospitals in Hungary have their own in-house laundries, usually with old, ineffective machines. Therefore, the wash quality is not good, and energy costs are high. There also is shortage of skilled labour in these laundries.

The IB range of barrier washer-extractors bring exceptional durability to the market with heavy-duty construction to deliver years of performance. BEPATEK Ltd. has been in the laundry industry for 28 years, and has a number of references in Hungary among the healthcare service and hospitals sectors.