IPSO® joins Specifi®: create and configure 3D drawings in support of your business

Fri, 02-02-2018
Ipso® and Specifi® Europe have entered into a partnership that allows access to our digital catalogue with product specs and a library of 3D drawings for your design projects. IPSO offers this as a complementary, free service to its partners.
Specifi is an international foodservice industry player with 22 years of experience and a strong commitment to its partners and customers. Their global end-to-end solution enables IPSO and its partners to design and produce accurate specifications, complete
budgets and tenders in a choice of languages and measurement units, and also to complete installation layouts all in one place. 
By using Specifi’s digital platform you can create and configure 3D drawings compatible with AutoCAD®, BricsCAD® or Revit®. Revit RFA 
format and DWG files are available in the library. 
The availability of IPSO in the SPECIFI-library will allow the creation of world class data, built to a world FCSI/IFSE standard, compliant with the highest level of BIM, accessible 24/7 in their preferred language , currency and unit of measure.
Why apply for Specifi access? Specifi allows you to
- design according to the latest industry standards
- have accesss to our complete product catalogue
- configure models on the fly
- consult this comprehensive product specification information 24/7
- produce 3D visually rich renders complete with textures and colors
- produce technically complete, visually rich spec sheets with ease
How to get access to the database?
There are two ways to get access to the database
1. Download the database on your computer
2. Work with the Specifi Cloud, where you have access to the latest and most updated database (recommended!)

Instructions on how to get access to this library are given in this link: